Today the Jaguar XK 120 SE is still THE luxury sports car of the Jaguar family. The smell of this fine sand coloured leather interior, the look of the dark, impressive Smith instruments, the sheer beauty of its classic body, the roar of the powerful six cylinder engine and the fact driving the fastest series sports cars build in the sixties will for sure embark the driver of this unique car into a new world of sensations. This Jaguar XK 120 Special Equipment (SE) model was built in January 2nd, 1953 in England. The chassis (# S673398) supports an open two seat (OTS)  body (# F5446), left hand drive in its original black colour with red/biscuit interior and a black hood. It was factory exported to Hoffman’s Motor Company in the USA. Austrian born Maximilian E. Hoffman, who helped introduce American drivers to European marques like Alfa Romeo, BMW, Fiat, Healey, Jaguar, Mercedes-Benz, MG and Porsche, was known to few. Being a race driver himself (1934 on Amilcar in Austria, later on Porsche in the US) he had excellent connections to Hollywood celebrities and the New York elite. Hertitage Trust Production Certficate 1205
 Auto_20120512_0830 The car was first registered October 12, 1953 in Florida. Being all its life in the states, the car was rediscovered in 1990 by Hollywood Classics Inc. of Ford Lauderdale, Florida in Birmingham, Alabama. Via Germany the car was imported 1991 into Switzerland. We acquired the automobile in 2007. The “Eye Bow” Front In the late ’50ties of the past century it was a common and fashionable tradition in southern parts of USA to custom cars to the individual taste of its owners. Thus, it’s to be assumed the modifications of the front, giving this car its unique eye bow look date from that period.

Technical Data:

Type: Jaguar XK 120 SE (Special Equipment)
Engine: Six-cylinder, double overhead cam. 3.4 lt with 180bhp at 5300rpm equipped with two SU 2inch double carburettors
Transmission: Manual, four speed transmission with top three gears synchronized.
Front suspension: IFS by torsion bars and wishbones, anti-roll bar, telescopic dampers.
Rear suspension: Salisbury axle. Semi-elliptic leaf springs and lever-arm dampers.
Brakes: Lockhead hydraulic two-leading-shoe front brakes with 12in drums front and rear.
Specials: Rear end trailing control arms improving traction.Special “eye bow” Headlights. Plexiglas removable side window